Friday, January 21, 2011


Rome, Italy. Rome is the number one place to go in Italy, there is so much to see there you couldn't see it all in one day, it would probably take you a few to see it all. I would love to go to Rome, but even I wouldn't care because anywhere in Italy would be worth it to see just not one city. There is so much history in Rome from way back, and Rome will remind you of the past everywhere you go. In Rome there are so many ancient monuments, medieval and Renaissance buildings and fountains, and great museums.  Rome is the capital of modern Italy and boasts many fine restaurants and cafes, good nightlife, and lively streets and squares. Even though Rome is a huge city, the historic center is fairly compact. During the summer there are music and cultural festivals. The Festa di San Giovanni, June 23-24, is an important festival with dancing, music, and food. Around Christmas, there are nativity scenes in many churches and there are religious festivals and processions during the week before Easter as well. The Spanish steps are a good place to go for the Spring Festival in April. I am going to go to Italy no matter what I have to do to be able to go but I will go before I die to be able to say that I've been to Italy, and be able to say "When in Rome do as the Romans do".

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